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None better – Bruce Gaines @ Swift Plumbing. 310-641-0708 As honest (won’t oversell) and competent as they come. He has done several jobs for me, all of them well done. Westchester native.

Pat M.
Westchester, CA


Bruce Games Swift Plumbing has been plumbing for me for over 25 years. He’s The best Los Angeles plumber by far. I would much prefer a local hard working company like Swift Plumbing than these big plumbing outfits. All these big plumbing operations do is buy more trucks, hire another dude to drive em’ and bill you higher for it. He did a total re-pipe on my 4 unit at a way better price than two other big company bids. He knows what he’s doing and that’s what I want. Thank you again Bruce!

Tommy M.
Los Angeles, CA


Great service.
We just had our sewer line replaced under the house. I got a couple estimates and based on the recommendations I choose Bruce Games Plumbing. They did a very thorough job. Also they came in at $1000 less than the other estimate. We will be using him again when the time comes.

Robert S.
Los Angeles, CA


Nice honest guy and knows his stuff!

Nancy E.
Play Del Rey, CA


I was on vacation out of the country and the main sewer line got clogged in our apartment building. I left Bruce a message and he was on it the very next morning for me! He totally handled it while I was gone! -Thank you so much!

Thomas J.
Del Rey, CA